Saturday, June 05, 2010

piano recital success

Yesterday we bypassed the traffic on the Beltway (thank you Tim for insisting we go the back way, otherwise we would have missed the entire performance) and attended the 3 older children's final piano recital in Maryland. Tim had to hold Julia Ellen in the back and scoot out the door constantly to keep her from babbling, but the little boys were very well behaved (they certainly have a lot of practice every Sunday during Mass).

Maggie was the first to play and I could see her talking with her teacher, "No, I don't need my music, I've got it down pat!" She exhibits no fear or nervousness, which is a stark contrast to Mary, who won't say boo to a goose without me holding her hand. Mary was in a trio next, the girls claim they didn't coordinate their outfits, but they were all wearing pink floral dresses, which made for a lovely scene. She was calm and poised when it was her turn to play alone, her long fingers just danced over the keys, but she was obviously glad to be finished. Will played Minuet in G very well, but if I'm threatening him that if I hear Jelly Bean Jump one more time I'm going to jump right out the window. I recall feeling the same way last year about another piece, but I made the mistake of mentioning it to Will and so now he still plays Ghost Ship every day to torture me (not exactly the same experience as being waterboarded, but...).

Afterwards we rewarded the children with dinner out and ice cream cones afterwards. We aren't quite finished with music here, the theory test is today and the children have one more lesson before the movers put our piano on the truck. They really have learned a great deal over the past 2 years and their recital last night proves it.

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