Sunday, June 06, 2010

organized to the hilt

Moving day has finally arrived, the packers will knock on the door in the morning and our family will be in camping mode for at least a week. Almost all our belongings that we need or don't want strangers to have access to is all down in the movie room. All the errands such as collecting doll clothes lent to Maggie's friend 3 months ago, closing our library account, and taking apart the quilting frame are completed.

All the schoolbooks we need in Maine to finish out this school year or begin the next in the fall are packed and labeled so they can just be put in the back of the pickup truck. The posters and maps are off the walls and it amazes me just how many school supplies we have: books, workbooks, charts, stacks of music, flashcards, manipulatives, and educational games. There are umpteen jigsaw puzzles and model rockets, erector sets and dry erase boards, computer games and 30 boxes of children's books that have been carefully boxed up so they don't all get dumped together, making a huge chore for me at the other end of this move.

I feel like a general on the eve of battle, all the preparations have been made and the only job I will have on the morrow is to shout, "Charge!" Likely I won't have time to write anything for about a week, but please say a quick Hail Mary for our family that nothing gets broken, no child gets lost, and I don't go stark raving mad before we pull into our driveway in Maine.


Henry Cate said...

I've lived in the same area for forty years now. My parents are one town away. I've been in my house for 23 years. It is kind of weird to think about moving at times.

Good luck with the move.

Ute said...

Prayer said, my thoughts are with you! May everything go as planned... wait, I guess that's not very realistic. May you have a successful move with nothing broken, nothing lost, and serenity for you!