Monday, June 28, 2010

what is up there at the top of that tree?

It's a dog party! A big dog party!

Actually, it was a BBQ we attended yesterday afternoon, between the 4 families present there were 20 children, only because one of the ladies had her two oldest daughters spending the week with their grandparents. For 5 hours all the children, the oldest being 12, played games in the yard, peeked at the chickens and goats, and didn't have a single argument. The peace was only disturbed by one 2 year old biter (not mine) and Julia Ellen getting a little tired and cranky by the end. It was a lovely day to chat with old friends and see all the children a year older. My artichoke dip was praised and the huge bowl of fruit salad disappeared after everyone had second helpings. What a wonderful start to the summer!

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