Friday, June 04, 2010

rank advancement

Last night was Will's last Boy Scout meeting in Maryland. We were thwarted in our effort last week to get his last requirement for 1st class, demonstrating water rescue techniques, but by the Scoutmaster's heroic effort he was able to complete it at the local pool Thursday afternoon. He was whisked through his Scoutmaster review and Board of Review and presented with his new patch during the closing ceremony. Many of the Scout leaders expressed their sorrow at Will's leaving the troop and said he was a model Scout. (Yeah, if they only saw him earlier at home when I had to ask him 8 times to mow the lawn and practice the piano)

Will proudly left his completed checklist in front of the coffeepot last night so his father could see it first thing in the morning. Here he models his uniform complete with 1st class patch, 'cause his handy mommy sewed it on first thing this morning (mostly so it doesn't get lost in the move).

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