Monday, June 21, 2010

suddenly I'm the bad mommy again

Well, the children received their moving vacation and their "getting up to Maine" vacation, but today they have to get back to their books and piano practicing. In our 7 years of homeschooling, we have never had to do more than a book report or two by mid-June. Between the co-op fiasco and trying to stretch myself into a pretzel teaching 4 children, everyone still has some work to complete. Charlie is still working on his phonics, I found a 'Little Critters' Spectrum workbook that he can complete 3 pages a day in easily. Maggie only has 1 spelling quiz and a test to finish. Mary has to write 1 book report, finish about a week's worth of English, keep plugging away at Saxon 5/4, and do about 3 weeks worth of vocabulary. Will has the most work, almost a quarter's worth of English and vocabulary, 2 book reports, 2 quarter's worth of art, and 6 weeks of religion. We will fit it all in with our summer activities, camp, and trips to the pond, but this will be a lesson to remember: never fall behind so we won't have to repeat a summer of having to be the mean mommy.

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Fatcat said...

I hope you have a good summer anyway! We've got to do that pesky spring cleaning that didn't get done in the spring. That will make me very popular with the kiddos.