Wednesday, May 19, 2010

turned the corner

Last week I was griping that we still had soooo much work to do in the school year, but this morning as I flipped through the kid's binders, I was startled at how much they have accomplished. Will is plowing through his book report on The Winged Watchman at amazing speed and Mary just finished reading Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal. Mary has only 6 subjects left and Will is going to match her once he takes his final test in history. Maggie is down to spelling and the last few pages of math and is racing through the CAT while Charlie is slowly plodding through his phonics book and only has 2 more catechism questions for the year.

Like a marathoner hitting that last mile or two, we know that the finish line is just over the next hill. Yes, they still have to churn out several more book reports each, but with the majority of their schoolwork for the year behind them, the freedom of summer will be gloriously sweet.

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