Thursday, May 20, 2010

interruptions from every direction

Between contractors calling wanting me to pick their company to clean our carpets, the baby waking at the crack of dawn and not wanting to be put down ever since, the new property manager calling to bug me about the weeds in the flowerbeds, and the little boys requesting something every 30 seconds all day, "Can I have a Popsicle (2 minutes before lunch)?" "Can we set fire to something?" "Can I go play with the neighbors down the street?" "Can we watch a movie?" I am about to collapse in exhaustion and frustration.

What I don't need right now is the phone to ring again, another kid asking me for something, or to hear a single argument between siblings. What I really need is a extra large strawberry daiquiri with a tiny dab of whipped cream on the top.

Unfortunately I don't have any strawberries or rum.


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