Wednesday, May 12, 2010

serious packing

With only about 3-4 weeks until we officially pack out, we are already up to our eyeballs in boxes and strapping tape. Over our many military moves I have learned that it is smart to pack all our books (all 15 bookcases worth), all my fabric, and all our various art, school, and beauty supplies well before the guys from the moving company actually arrive. With only a week to unpack at the other end before we hit the road to Maine, I like to know what is in each box and know that like things are with like. And if I'm going to organize every item, throw away the trash, and call the Purple Heart to pick up unwanted items, I might as well put it in the box and tape it up so the kids don't undo all my hard work.

I methodically separate all our school books that we will need come September and put those in a marked box and label my Landmark and Biography collections so I can assign a child to put them in the right bookcase in the new house. The problem now is that our rooms are starting to fill up with boxes,
leading to some creative temporary storage solutions. I could only fit about 1/2 of the boxes of Tim's books in the coat closet, but at least he can now get to his desk.
Recently we were reading one of the Little House books and I was so grateful that we weren't traveling by covered wagon to our new home because the horses wouldn't pull the load more than about 2 feet.

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Renee said...

nearly 20 years with dh in the Army and 10 PCSs .... never did I pack all my books.... I don't know how you find the time. My time was consumed with homeschooling, regular household chores, extra deep PCS cleaning, goodbyes, etc...... plus the packers may mark those boxes as not packed by them... and then if there is damage, they will not be held responsible for the cost....
this Army wife is happy to be in the same house for 2 yrs and not having to PCS ever again :)