Friday, May 14, 2010

art class

Tim is wonderful at drawing. While on a deployment many years ago he sent Will and Mary their own letters with pictures of trains, boats, and cars every week. I managed to take art for 4 years in high school and was in a show featuring local students. But teaching art is more difficult and we have put lessons on hold for the past few months while trying to get the more academically rigorous subjects mastered. This past week we have turned our classroom into a little studio with the older children working on sketching and shading. Will was so proud of his apple that he taught me how to scan the drawing into the computer so I could blog about it!


dstb said...

Please tell Will he did a great job!
The shading is very good, but I especially like how the stem and the very bottom of the apple came out.


Maurisa said...

Wonderfully done! What a talented young man.