Sunday, May 30, 2010

final, no more, last DC field trip

I remember back 30 years to my childhood trip to the National Zoo so we decided to spend Saturday using up our Metro card money by saying goodbye to the elephants and tigers. There was a deja vu feeling when we strolled up to see the elephants just as the trainers came out to start the daily show, just like last time we were here.
However, that time we only had 5 children and I was enormously pregnant with Julia Ellen. It was obvious how much she enjoyed seeing the animals, pointing at the elephants, trying to communicate her interest, "Hey, look at those strange creatures!"
She liked seeing the orangutan swinging above our heads as we were eating, but her favorite animal of all was the mallard duck who came over to beg some peanut butter and jelly crusts off of the children. She waved and smiled and giggled and seemed like they were best friends forever, until Mrs. Mallard decided the pickings might be better off at the next table.
Julia Ellen didn't care, at least not when she saw the prairie dogs. You could see her mind working, "These guys are cutie pies AND they don't try to steal your lunch."

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