Monday, May 10, 2010

only 14 days of school here

Between orthodontist appointments to get Will and Mary's braces off, Mass on Ascension Thursday, and a doctor's appointment for Will's camp physical we only have 14 days of school in Maryland left. Somehow, despite starting school in September in Maine, taking only 2 snow days during the February blizzard, and working every day, we still have at least 6 weeks of work left in some subjects, 9 weeks left in others.

How did this happen? Yeah we stretched out the study time for some of the tests (especially the 6th grade religion tests so Will could memorize 15 specific catechism answers perfectly) and we took our share of field trips, but I can't figure out why we are still behind (being a relative term since we don't have a set deadline). Was it being in the co-op? Are Seton's lesson plans so jam packed that they would be impossible to finish in less than 200-220 days?

I don't really want to drag school out very long when we get up to Maine where the fields and woods are calling our names, but it looks like the children, especially the older ones, are going to be putting in an hour or so with the books between breakfast and exploring/building time. I don't want to cut into August trips to the pond, sailing and swimming lessons, and hikes so the next few weeks is the time to put our noses to the grindstone.


Renee said...

I think Seton takes 180 solid days to complete... so each field trip puts one 'behind'. And if one spreads out an assignment longer than Seton assigns, one is further behind :( I would suggest relaxing - was it essential that your son memorize 15 questions perfectly? or is it more important for him to understand what they are saying

kat said...

But Renee, I added up all our official school days (doesn't count field trips...) and we already are up to 159 days, so we "should" only have 4 weeks left of school. In some subjects even Will is finished, but in others he has 9 weeks worth left. I think that Seton starts overpacking the lesson plans in 5th and especially in 6th grade. I don't want to know how much material they are going to be expected to do in 7th and 8th grade!