Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maine: The Postcards Don't Lie edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling

Welcome to the #199 edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling!

One of the great benefits of educating our own children is the ability to be free of the standard school calendar. Our family takes advantage of this by spending 16 weeks each summer in Maine. I want to share the beauties of our adopted state with some snapshots and fun facts.

Maine is a land of forests and shore. The tides rise and fall about 8 feet so there is a stark contrast between low and high tide so even little children can tell the difference and can figure out scientifically if the tide is coming in or going out. (Hint, look at boats on their moorings to tell which way they are being pulled)

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Maine has many potato farms and blueberry barrens. We visit a local farm in August and buy quarts of berries to freeze for pancakes, muffins, and bread. The pickers only work in the early morning to not bruise the fruit and use blueberry rakes as it would take hours to handpick each tiny berry off one bush. Local teens can earn up to $300 a day raking but it is hard work.

Many of the towns along the coast have lobster pounds where lobstermen sell their catch and folks can eat a boiled dinner on picnic tables. Some partake off of plastic trays and drink cold soda while others prefer unpacking elaborate baskets filled with china, hors d'oeuvres, and bottles of wine. Since I’m the only member of our family who likes lobster I splurge and get two!

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The beauty of Maine is legendary in coffee table books as well as children’s picture books. Robert McCloskey’s One Morning in Maine features a family who summer on Little Deer Isle and go into Buck’s Harbor for groceries and an ice cream cone. While driving through I indeed saw a sign for Condon's Garage.

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There are dozens of picturesque towns along the coast like Belfast, a mecca for art lovers and sailors.

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A hike up to the top of Mount Battie shows a majestic panorama of islands dotting the Penobscot Bay.
There are not many homeschoolers in Maine and only one store dedicated to them located in the lovely town of Hope.

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With the long winters and short summers, folks here get together often for public suppers, grange events, and town festivals. Homeschoolers tend to host picnics and playdates at the pond for socializing and swapping curriculum ideas.

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Maine is an affordable, family-friendly, homeschool friendly state. I hope I have sparked your interest in its beauty and hospitality. Thank you for stopping by this week’s Carnival of Homeschooling. See you next week at Consent of the Governed.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Thanks for hosting, and I love your Maine pictures. I grew up in NY but actually never visited Maine. It's on my list!

In Our Write Minds said...

I love your theme, and you did a great job weaving the different links into each category. Thanks for including our blog in this week's carnival!


Carol J. Alexander said...

Hi Katherine,
Thank you for the beautiful travel piece on Maine. I have always wanted to visit there. My oldest son got a chance to this summer as he is marrying a young lady with a grandmother there and they went for a visit. I was, indeed, jealous.
Can't wait to check out a bunch of the links. Everything looks so interesting.
Thanks for your efforts.

Lara said...

Thank you for including my article. There are so many interesting posts to read through. And you certainly, peaked my interest in Maine. It is absolutely spectacular. Thanks again, Lara

Alasandra said...

I hope I get to visit Main one day. It looks lovely. Thanks for including my post.

Home School Dad said...

Thanks for including my article. There seem to be quite a few goodies in store for me when I get some time to read all these articles you gathered.

Nancy said...

More about Deer Isle. Emily's Wildflowers of Deer Isle. Check it out at lulu.com Emily did this book as an eighth grade project.

Susan said...

Fascinating information. The teens raking blueberries reminded me of teens here detassling corn. Your pictures and description made me hungry and looking for my McCloskey books.

I'll post the Carnival later this week. Thanks for doing such a lovely job.

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John Mastro said...

Thanks for including my post this week! I appreciate it, seeing as how you seemed to be the only one in the homeschool blog carnival world who accepted and included my article on audiobooks and childrens learning!

I hope everyone here who reads it gets inspiration to try them either themselves or in their families as a great learning and entertainment tool!


david said...

that was an exiting travel information on Maine. I really loved the Maine pictures a lot. All the articles you linked were so informative and amazing.
Thanks for sharing good resources.
Keep posting.