Monday, March 10, 2008


I am usually one of those moms who are on top of things like registrations and new shoes, craft projects and taking library books back, mostly because we do so little that I can keep track of what we do take on. However, after getting Mary all excited about Girl Scout horse camp, complete with sleeping the whole week in a tent, I lost the form and completely forgot about the first registration date. Finally I checked on-line only to find all 6 sessions full.

Poor Mary cried and cried, but I might have found something better, a horse rehab farm near our place in Maine which has a day camp running all summer. I wasn't too keen on having a 8 year old spend a week away from home on top of the $400-500 for a week, but this one is much, much more reasonable.

What a wonderful thing the internet is, I can stop a crying child's tears with just a few clicks. Now if I could find a magical way to get them to stop bugging me for candy at the grocery store checkout, I would be one happy mama!

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