Thursday, March 20, 2008

9 years ago...

Tim and I were standing in the little military chapel at the Capodichino base in Naples, Italy to be confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church. While we met in St John's Episcopal Church, were married there, and Will was baptized there 2 weeks before we left for Italy I am glad to now be home and no longer a heretic/outside the true church.

Since then we have learned much more about our faith, Tim so much so that his writings about various subjects pertaining to Catholic medical ethics have been published a dozen times in magazines and medical journals. I have not written anything as profound, but have memorized all those prayers I once thought weird and have taught them to the children. It is so precious to listen to Maggie blurt out the Act of Contrition each night before bed, a prayer I had to carry in my pocket the first dozen or so times I went to Confession.

I especially am grateful to the wonderful ladies from Catholic Women of the Chapel in Italy who showed me hospitality, gave me an enthusiasm for homeschooling, taught me how to pray the Rosary, and were such good friends and examples in my early days as a Catholic. May God bless each one and may God help each of us to encourage each other in our Faith.

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Michelle said...

Happy anniversary!