Friday, March 14, 2008

next quilting project

This is a crazy quilt which was given to me, as the only family member who sews, a few years ago after my great aunt's death. Grandmother remembers it being in the living room of the house when she was growing up. My guess is that it is about 100 years old, but I don't know what relative might have constructed it.

The poor thing has been neglected terribly with almost all the silk pieces split or shattered. I have pulled it out and taken it to the local shop to find matching fabrics. I only picked out 3-4 colors to applique so I can break up the project into smaller ones which should be simple to accomplish, "Look, I finished all the yellow patches." There are over a hundred small blocks that need to be repaired and it could take me months to get it done. The point though, is not to just fix it, but to focus on family, the past, and restoring beauty. I have enjoyed the past few evenings of quietly stitching and admiring the skill of a quilter in my family history.

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