Thursday, March 06, 2008

an apology

It has been pressing on my heart that I was too harsh to Danielle Bean about her encouraging attitude and advice over the past few weeks of Lent. She must have her hands full, full, full with a household of sick children and snow almost up to the rafters while trying to manage her house and homeschooling. She is truly a gifted and holy person and it was unfair of me to criticize her for not being whining and negative on her blog. I recall she wrote a long time ago that what she writes about is sometimes the only positive thing that happened that day. I can understand and am ashamed at my rudeness. I doubt that she read my original post and doubt she will read this one either, but I'm sorry just the same.


Michelle said...

Hm. You tend to have very positive posts as well. I think we are all we really want to remember the bad stuff? It's one thing to recognize the struggle of motherhood, but quite another to name names and keep accounts.

I think we could all use some spring weather and longer days.

kat said...

Yes, do I really want to remember the 3 poopy diapers, the kitty vomit, and the huge pile of sippy cups I cleaned up today?

Do I want to remember my tone of voice while rushing everyone into the car for Will's orthodontist appointment, "Get in the car NOW!"?

Do I want to remember the utter exhaustion I feel every night while at the same time worrying that I am not teaching my children enough, not gentle enough, not holy enough to be a good Catholic mother?

I want to have a record of these years, the good times and some of the bad ones, but don't want to paint a too rosy picture of daily life. Homeschooling and raising 5 little kids can be quite funny and wonderful, but it is also back-breaking and mind-numbingly difficult. It is hard to present a balanced view.

I'll try harder to complain more in the future! ;)