Tuesday, March 04, 2008

exercise alone won't keep you skinny

Girl Scout cookies are dangerous. Even more dangerous is selling Girl Scout cookies. All 7 boxes of Thin Mints have disappeared from our pantry, and most are now resting on my hips and backside. I don't know what they put in those things, but when there is a green box anywhere in the house I can't think of anything else but that alluring voice beckoning, "cookies... come and get us...cookies are calling."

I have gained 5 pounds over the past few weeks from those tasty treats, despite giving up Coca-cola for Lent. That is on top of the 5 pounds I am over my goal weight. Running 3-4 miles a day can't possibly overcome the pounds of sugar I am shoveling in so I have to do something drastic.

I'm going to need a lot of willpower, Easter candy is filling the stores and I haven't bought any. Once I do so I might start hearing that voice again, "robin eggs...yummy crackly candy... you know you want it..."
Oh, it didn't help that I dropped the glass shower door on my foot last night and my toenail is purple and swollen. I can't go running until it feels a little better.


Stina said...

At least you're running...I can't seem to get my rear end out the door to get to the gym. Definitely praying for some decent weather to take the girls out in the stroller. I'll add a prayer for your willpower!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I'm trying to imagine how one drops a shower door on one's toe!

I hope it's feeling better soon. In the mean time, have a cookie!

We, just a few weeks ago, finished up last year's Girl Scout cookies. Apparently they just aren't that tempting to me (I had them stashed or they certainly would have tempted the kids).

kat said...

The door was off the track so while I was taking a shower I attempted to fix it. I bet there is no funnier or stranger sight than a screaming naked dripping wet woman.
But it is much improved today- got in a 4 mile run.

Jennifer in OR said...

Also fighting the Girl Scout Cookie Monster over here! Minus 3 boxes of thin mints, 2 Samoas, 3 Trefoils, 1 Lemon Chalet Creme. Where did they go???