Monday, September 03, 2007

packing and praying

My mother has been kept at the hospital in order to provide end-of-life care. Her prognosis on Saturday was dire, she had 12-24 hours left. Luckily in the past day or so she has rallied, leading me to believe that she is holding out for me to be there. We have talked on the phone many times since then and I have told her I don't want her to suffer unneedlessly on my account. If she wants to let go, she should have peace in her heart.

Hopefully I will still make it to her bedside so I have been frantically packing up all our gear, schoolbooks, clothes, and linens, as well as cleaning and organizing the garage. The dump opens tomorrow and I will be there with my 5 bags of trash, the sofa, and a pile of junk. Hopefully the U-Haul place will have a trailer for us in the morning and we can pack and then hit the road.

Prayers for Mother, our trip, and my family would be welcomed. This has been a long, hard slog and all of us are filled with grief.

Obviously blogging comes in distant second to life and death so I will return when it is appropriate.


scmom said...

Prayers for you, your family, and dear mother.

Anonymous said...

Praying you have had a safe journey, and that you are with your mother. Prayers for her peaceful death, and for both of you to have the blessing of those moments together.


Cure of Ars said...

Prayers, May Jesus be with you