Sunday, September 16, 2007

comparison shopping

One of the hardest things about moving to a new place is just finding out where things are, such as grocery stores, the library, and thrift store for kid's clothes. I have tried Food Lion (too dirty), Harris Teeter (too expensive), and Kroger, but was hoping to find one where I could find staples such as oil and King Arthur flour as well as hormone-free milk.

Friday after we finished school I printed out the Map Quest directions for the nearest warehouse club as well as Super Target, but was sadly disappointed in both. Sam's Club doesn't carry many brands we eat, most of their foods are just pre-made expensive meals in large quantities. I realized that I would be too tempted to buy junk as well as the feeling of being conned by paying for a "membership" to shop in their store. We didn't do much better at Target where I tromped an extra quarter mile to find the baby food and diapers. They didn't have any whole wheat flour and the only milk was a $5 a gallon generic brand. After we got all the way to the back of the store I heard, "Mommy I gotta go potty!" so back to the front we went. By the time my groceries made it to the cashier I was sweating, but then discovered that the "associates" wearing red shirts don't bother to put your bags in the cart for you.

The truism "try, try again" came to mind after asking a neighbor where she shops. "Whole Foods has great stuff, but can be pricy," was her response, so off the girls and I went to do a little hunting and gathering. We were running out of milk since I could only bear to buy 1 gallon of milk the day before. Eureka! The fruits and veggies looked fresh and exciting, the meat case was enticing, there was a hot bar for lunches on the go, reasonably priced fresh organic bread, and best of all, the ever elusive BGT-free milk was only $3.50 a gallon! After ooohing and aaahing all over the store I picked out some roasted green bean and sweet pepper salad from the deli for my lunch and we headed home. So, after finding a church last week and finding grocery stores this week I am finally beginning to settle into our new environs. Printing out directions for every trip is a drag, but before long I will have my mental map all squared away.

Then it will be time to move again.

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rebecca said...

God bless you! I am a mom of six and know the trials of the move. We moved to montana from california and did not know a soul. It is a small community so we did not have the searches that you had for stores and church, but the trials of awful schools a andfaith community that is bearly alive has been a challenge. The upside, it made me bold enough to start homeschooling!