Tuesday, March 01, 2011

cheaper by the half dozen?

Yesterday after we finished school and the mother's helper went home, I decided to skip running due to the wind (40mph gusts) and take the kids out for the afternoon. First we swung by Pizza Hut and redeemed our January BookIt coupons for 3 free personal pan pizzas. We brought back a totebag full of books to the library and finished Timmy's February reading program (the goal was to read 10 books during the month, we only counted 2 night's worth for a total of 17 books).
Then we hit the grocery store to combine ecoupons, paper coupons, and sale items for big savings. I stopped at the RedBox on the way out the door and used a email coupon code to get the kids a free rental of Toy Story 3. While I was driving home I noticed that my favorite gas station's prices were significantly cheaper than the competition and with my grocery customer card I could save even more on top of that. While $3.07/gal doesn't seem all that great a deal, it is when even the cheap station has a posted price of $3.25.   

Since everyone finished their work for the day and I needed a rest from my labors, we had a movie afternoon (they couldn't go out anyway, Julia Ellen would have been blown away) and I got to surf the web at my leisure. I might not work for pay, but I figure that my frugality saved us over $79.   


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Way to go! Nearly $80 in savings in one day is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Good job! And this doesn't even include the eggoll you get with six! :)