Thursday, March 24, 2011

short-lived anxiety

Boy, wouldn't it be lovely if all stressful events could be remedied so quickly. After worrying about finishing the school year in a timely manner, Charlie has scored 100% on several spelling tests with only a day of studying, Maggie has finished phonics for the year, and Will has caught up in English and is speeding forward in spelling and vocabulary. I looked up the number of days we have sat in front of the books and determined that we should be in week 26 and everyone is somewhere around that mark except for a few great exceptions.
Spelling must continue over the summer and Will is going to have book reports hanging over his head for quite some time as well, but the fretting that we won't be able to escape from thier studies to enjoy our new home in Maine this summer was a bit premature.

I have great plans for a huge garden (we already procured all the seeds we need from the $1 bushel baskets at Johnny's Selected Seeds in Waterville), plan on packing Will's pseudo GPS so we can explore the interior of the woodlot and expand our trail network, have heard the boy's plea for swimming lessons, and want to undertake the refinishing of two pews we carted out of the old chapel to use as seating on either side of my Grandmother's enormous dining room table. The big kids are excited about camp and I am looking forward to spending time with friends and taking everyone to the lake. I'm sure we can fit in an hour or so to finish up the school year in the new house's classroom and still manage to squeeze in all our activities.  

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Michelle said...

House looks great!