Tuesday, March 22, 2011

put on your pants child!

Julia Ellen is perhaps interested in using the potty, my big clue is that twice in the past week she has yanked off her nappie to poop on the floor. The first time it happened I was out running and the big kids cleaned it all up. Other days she just likes to wander about naked and has even appeared sans clothes at 11pm at our bedroom door.
I think it amusing that the child development teacher next door seems to have all the answers, but that is because she only has one child. Back when I only had 1-2 kids everything seemed so simple and easy, but as time went on and more babies appeared at our doorstep, I had to juggle 8 things in the air at once and could not treat every child as if they were the most precious pearl in the universe. If one wants to play a game, but the toddler wanted to destroy all the parts, we have to postpone our activity for after said bambino went to bed. In addition, the house has to be kept relatively tidy or Mommy goes berserk. (trust me on this) 

With baby #6 I have experienced such behavior that makes me realize how good I had it for so long. None of my other children could catapult out of the crib, none attempted night after night to get in my bed, and certainly none ripped off their diaper to leave excrement on the floor. This too shall pass, and I might as well look on the bright side and experience another first: a child who could be potty trained before their 3rd birthday.  


Anonymous said...

Yes, my shocker was different than yours. I never had a screamer until my 4th. What a shocker she was and still is! She is my strong willed and determined one who feels that screaming is necessary in most aspects of life. Gotta love em!

Maureen said...

Isn't it funny how one child can really be so much more different than the others? I only have five and overall, my fifth is an easy child. At the same time, some of the things she does... I thought I was an experienced mom, but she has said, "Ha! I laugh in the face of your experience! Ha ha! I will make you feel like a brand new mom all over again! Ha ha!" That should be read with a hearty tone BTW.