Friday, March 04, 2011

pristine for 10 minutes

The property manager stopped by the house yesterday to "inspect" the place and make sure we hadn't trashed the joint before extending our lease for another year. I guess the combination of the last tenants leaving it a mess and us having 6 children was the reason why this was stipulated in the lease. I was a little nervous about the possibility of her being like our previous sleazy property manager finding any excuse to get rid of us so I spent the last week scrubbing, dusting everything, steam cleaning the carpets, and even organizing the toy bin.
After giving us the okay and walking out the door Julia Ellen got into my purse and smeared lipstick on the carpet and naughtily drew on the walls, doors, and upstairs carpet rather than go promptly to bed last night. Yes, it is all cleaned up now, but Charlie hit the nail on the head when he asked, "Aren't you glad she did that today rather than right before that lady got here?"

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helenshabitat said...

I didn't realize that property managers did that. I thought that it was odd when we got a letter from ours explaining that an inspector was coming by but that it wasn't a housekeeping inspection. I'm like seriously there is such a thing? Of course I cleaned and organized though because I didn't know what they had to look at. Turns out they were here to check on code violations. And then we heard that there were a lot but so far they've only come to work on the hot water tank. Lol seems fine enough at least it's better than the last apartment that didn't have heat in the bedrooms can you believe that?

Anyway I've just found your blog - I look forward to my next visit.