Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Julia Ellen is 10 months old!

Due to the winter weather and a 1/4" of growth, our little "Spike" is no longer worthy of her name since her hair is lying flat on her head. On Saturday I made green bean and sausage soup and despite not having any teeth yet, she gobbled up beans, potato cubes, and kielbasa chunks. She loves to play peekaboo and horsie and is pulling up on everything, ready to cruise. No words yet, but she can understand a lot and is getting a tiny bit better at being held by other people. Yes, she still stuffs everything in her mouth that isn't nailed down such as paper, fabric, and plastic so the floors have to be clean, clean, clean (she thinks that the dirt pile from sweeping is a buffet, so I have to be fast!). I think her new nickname will be "Hoover"!

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Maurisa said...

She is soooo beautiful!