Friday, January 29, 2010

climbing out of the hole

About the middle of December I was in bad shape, constantly overwhelmed, frustrated, and just completely burnt out. But thanks to friends and my wonderful husband, I found the St. Philomena co-op. The trip two mornings a week allows us to socialize with other homeschoolers and be in the presence of Our Lord many times a day.

Just getting to sit and chat with the other moms at lunch gives me a social outlet that was completely lacking beforehand. All of us have different situations, but we are all trying to give our children a quality Catholic education and know we can't do it on our own. The little ones are getting one-on-one attention and the big kids are getting to do art projects, play together, and be exposed to other families who take their religion seriously. It is beautiful to see what happens when the preschoolers and I go through the church sanctuary to go down to the nursery or next door for lunch. As we pass in front of the tabernacle I instruct the children, "Say I love you to Jesus." Even the two year olds genuflect instinctively because they see their parents and older siblings giving Our Lord the honor that is due Him.

These two gifts, one social and one spiritual, have lifted my spirits and given me strength to continue to homeschool my children well. I know that in two years we will be in Maine with no co-op option, but I'm sure we will be given other means at that time to assist us in our homeschooling journey.


Karen said...

I can put you in touch with the Catholic homeschooling group I was a part of before we left Maine if you are interested.

kat said...

Karen, that would be wonderful. I only know 3 homeschoolers in Maine right now and Allison is planning on moving soon.