Sunday, January 24, 2010

children's librarian

Our local library is small, has a limited selection, but it has one fabulous resource; the children's librarian. Miss Carolyn knows her books and I sometimes test her in ways that she enjoys. Earlier this week Will and I escaped the bathtime ritual to peruse the stacks in peace. We filled up two tote bags with mysteries and science fiction before I remembered a book I had read several years ago that he might like. "Okay, I know the general plot and I think it has the word 'hidden' somewhere in the title. Sometime in the future the government only allows 2 children." Within 5 minutes Miss Carolyn walked us over to the shelf and said, "There is a whole series now, do you want all of them?"

I started Among The Hidden again this afternoon and am looking forward to reading them all. This is a pretty low-key way to introduce the idea of the impact of a totalitarian state to a young reader. Luckily the Population Police haven't knocked on our door as it is pretty evident from our dining room that we recently outfitted into a playroom that lots of children live here.

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Karen said...

We have also found our local librarian to be a jewel. She has been far more supportive of our homeschooling effort than many of our family members!