Wednesday, January 27, 2010

finished my first quilt on the frame

Last year (about this time) I was enormously pregnant with a little time on my hands (not really, just massively impatient for Julia Ellen to arrive). Off I skipped to G Street Fabrics and bought myself a new sewing machine and quilting frame. Then I discovered that I couldn't bend over or stand up long enough to use it due to my condition. Then the baby arrived and then I really had not a minute to spare.

But now I have a few hours here and there to quilt and so I pulled out a patriotic top I made a few years back. The table is set up like a long-arm machine, but using a regular machine on a rolling platform. It has proven to be more complicated than I anticipated, the motions are totally different than regular machine quilting. I'm quilting with my hands rather than my fingers so I have to retrain my brain. But now I finished and can finally send a measure of my gratitude to a wounded soldier at Walter Reed. I've already started a new red, white, and blue quilt, maybe I can finish this one before we move to Maine.

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MrsMamaHen said...

The quilt is beautiful. I'm sure the soldier will be most appreciative!