Monday, January 18, 2010 is my new friend

Now that Julia Ellen has passed the 10 month mark, I've started ovulating again. Unfortunately my trusty Becton Dickinson thermometer has gone missing, it is likely sitting in the bathroom drawer up in Maine. I went to Target and found no BD brand ones, so I guessed that a Target brand thermometer was just as good. However, my temps for the past few weeks are so low that they are off the bottom of the chart.

After consulting some NFP-knowledgeable ladies and my Natural Family Planning book, I found that I might have 2 problems. I could have a cruddy thermometer or I could have a thyroid issue. Tim said that it was extremely doubtful that my thyroid is the issue, since I am not more tired than any other mom of 6 kids and I'm not overweight (even the thrift store considers size 8 small). So, not wanting to jump to conclusions, I went online and bought a new BD basal temp thermometer for $12. Why then am I now going to enter $92.32 in the checkbook?

Well.... I figured that Tim also needed fancy toothbrush refills and then to qualify for free shipping I decided to get an adult snow shovel (since the poor man has cleared our driveway twice with a kid's one I found at the thrift store). then I discovered if I sign up to have diapers delivered for free I can get a discount (and I don't have to make an emergency run to the grocery for nappies). I think Tim is now regretting saying, "Just get it on-line and pay a couple of bucks for shipping. It is much less stressful than dragging all the kids to the closest Walmart."


NFPworks said...

Keep it up, NFP mom! I'm sure you'll get it sorted. I can't tell you how many books/ extras I've ordered to get free shipping!

Renee said...

Online shopping pretends to be our friend :)

Anonymous said...

I love Amazon!! With a newborn at home it is so great and can save a lot of time since what would normally take several trips can be done in one quick internet trip to Amazon. I have to be careful sometimes that I don't go overboard and only get what we really need! It's just too easy to click those buttons! Also, I've always had low temps (off the bottom of the chart). I do have a slight thyroid issue, but I'm my temp is still low even when my thyroid is correctly regulated on medicine. I've talked to NFP experts about it, and I've just resigned to the fact that my average temp is a bit lower than most people. The Couple to Couple League told me that they were making new charts that had grid lines for lower temps b/c they get that complaint often.