Wednesday, December 02, 2009

super sensitive official Mommy hearing aids

My children can't hear me. It isn't their fault and it isn't a medical issue, its just that our house is on 4 floors so I'm constantly calling down the stairwell, "Hey, can someone bring me some grocery bags?" or "Get back up here and brush your teeth!" with no response. Maybe it is sadistic to wish for little electronic collars for each child so I could zap them instead of huffing and puffing up or down the stairs looking for that one child who forgot to make his bed. But my hearing is keen to the point of eeriness.

Last night I woke at about midnight and through the background noise of the fan I heard a little noise. A very little noise. There it was again but the pressure from my bladder increased in proportion to my alertness so I visited the kid's bathroom. As I was about to flush, I heard THE noise: Julia Ellen just starting to fuss. She is going through a growth spurt and obviously needs more milk. It amazed me that I could hear her breathing change as she woke up and realized she was hungry despite the fact that she was in another room with her fan going and the door shut. Maybe it is Mommy ESP, but I know that I certainly don't need that product advertised on the radio for auditory deficiencies.

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