Friday, December 04, 2009

keeping the boys out of my hair

This week we invited Elizabeth, a local homeschooled teen into our home to assist me in my daily tasks. She played with the little boys, took them on walks, and read LOTS of stories to them. Tuesday was a little stressful because the big kids wanted to play too instead of doing their work, but Thursday ran so well that I had time to clean one of the bathrooms and run down to the camera shop and pick up my Christmas card photos. I cheated this year and used one of the 40 pictures I took of the kids up on the top of Mount Battie in Maine. No one has really changed all that much in 3 months and I hate coaxing them to all smile simultaneously as much as they hate hearing me say, "Just one more photo. Can you all look this way, smile, and not close your eyes?"

We finished up the last of 1st quarter's work today and I think it was partly to Elizabeth's help and my extra energy at having gotten that help. I'm looking forward to Monday morning (except for the leaving the house at 7am part) to check out the Catholic co-op and meet some fellow homeschooling moms.

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