Monday, December 21, 2009

projects completed

One good thing about all this snow is that while the baby is napping and the older children are perfecting tunnels through their snow fort, I have had some quiet time to sew. First I finished a tshirt quilt for Ora board friend Susan's teenage son. The internet made it so easy to send pictures of my progress and allow her to chose colors and approve the final layout.
I had Tim cut some slats for a doll bed that my grandmother had played with as a child. I made a new mattress out of a ruined quilt that had wool batting (someone threw it in the dryer and it all felted) and scrap fabric. Then I made a crisp white top sheet and a pillowcase for Samantha, Maggie's American Girl doll. The doll quilt was left over from a Little Quilt making phase many years ago, but fit on top perfectly.
My next project is a more elaborate tshirt quilt for another Ora friend Mary Ann, whose daughter is heading off to college next fall.


dstb said...


The t-shirt quilt looks great. After my father-inlaw passed away, one of his grandaughters took all his t-shirts (he had traveled a lot with elderhostels after retirement) and made a quilt for each of his children's families. They are such a wonderful keepsake.

I am saving my boys' t-shirts to do something similar and I have a question for you. Did you back the t-shirts with fusible web or something? The other quilt is not backed and is starting to come apart. I am not a quilter (or much of a seamstress) so any advice you have would be much appreciated!

BTW, my boys are upset. We were visiting my folks in NH and got just a few inches of snow. When we got back to CT, we found we only got a couple of inches here, too. A little closer to the coast got 2 feet! They think it is a rip off! Hope your kids enjoy all that snow!


kat said...

I used fusible interfacing on the back of each shirt to stabilize it to sew onto the sashing. I did get a book from the library by a local tshirt quilter who recommends knit interfacing and not cutting the tshirts until they are sewn onto the sashing, then cut away the extra.

This next one is going to be more complicated because she sent me 25 shirts and some are toddler size while others are much larger. It was certainly an afternoon's project cutting out little rectangles out of graph paper and figuring out how they can fit together best.

dstb said...

Thanks for the tips. I would love to get them done this year (oops, I mean 2010).