Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

and if the weather stays cold we will certainly have one. 18" of fluffy stuff fell yesterday and the kids have been out (and in and out and in...) playing in the huge pile the snowplow left last night. Yesterday I trudged 5 blocks to the nearest grocery to get a couple of gallons of milk, and while 16 pounds gets heavy really fast, it was nice to take a quiet walk bundled up in my snowpants and duckboots. My plan once we move to Maine is to take a walk every day, even on cold winter ones like this.

This morning after Julia Ellen went down for a nap, Timmy came in crying and complaining that the snow was too deep. I stripped him down, got him changed, and cleaned up the fallen snow and then went back to my project. 5 minutes later Charlie came in needing help removing all his snowy gear. Again I helped him strip, sent him upstairs to change, and swept up the snow he tracked in. Back to my activity, only to be interrupted twice more when the girls came in 15 minutes apart. Will can pull off his own boots and pants, thank goodness.

I'm all set to make another batch of cookies this afternoon and fortify myself for another bout of buttoning them all into their snow gear only to take it back off 45 minutes (or less) later and dump it all over the front hall. I'm hoping that by the time we move to Maine more children will be able to get themselves suited up and am planning on lots of hooks in the mudroom to hold all the wet stuff.

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Maurisa said...

My kingdom for a mud room!