Monday, October 01, 2007

realistic homeschooling

Here is an article about some of the reasons, joys, and trials parents have in homeschooling. Unlike another blogger, I find it good to explain some of the difficulties we face in educating our children ourselves. It is a lot of work, it is overwhelming at times, and there is no free time in the day to be alone.

When parents who are contemplating homeschooling only hear the rosy glowing stories of how much fun it is all the time and how the children are so motivated to learn quantum physics in 3rd grade it sets them up to fail when they sit down on the first day of school and the children say, "I don't wanna do that!"

It is much better for parents to compare the educational options with all the facts. Having children is a lot of work no matter what you pick: homeschooling, private school, or public school. For some of us the extra work load is worth the improved educational opportunities, the opportunity to finely develop a moral code, the proper socialization, and the fun of being together.

Yes, homeschooling is fun too. But some days you just have to work at finding it.


Michelle said...

I never try to convince people that homeschooling is easy or perfect. It's the hardest job I've ever had. Love it...but it's hard.

Dana said...

I think that as parents we have to be careful of what we are doing and why. A lot of people seem to go into this with false expectations...there is a bit of a learning curve, especially since most of us do not actually have any experience with being homeschooled.

I struggled with that a lot in the beginning, anyways. Everyone seemed to have it so together. It took me a bit more time. And a lot of it was more letting go of the image of homeschooling that was in my mind.

FosterAbba said...

We homeschool because our nearly 12-year-old foster daughter is a full five grades behind in school.

Unlike the majority who claim homeschooling is fun, we find it mostly a lot of work and not very much fun. Our daughter is not interested in learning, so we have a lot of battles over getting the work done.

But we are choosing to educate her this way because the public school simply isn't equipped to deal with her needs. She wasn't in school before she came to live with us, so we have a lifetime of non-learning to make up for.

Maureen Wittmann said...

You'd probably like Mary Jo Thayer's column that's running at Catholic Exchange on Mondays. She's funny, yet wonderfully honest.

Okay, I admit it. For me, homeschooling is fun. But it's sure hard keeping it fun some days :-).

Hey, I can't believe you're reading Keeping a Family Cow -- I'm reading that very same book right now!

Karen said...

I have always commented that I am not a "giddy homeschooler".. basically meaning we are not the Duggar family. ;-) I am not sure ANYone is like that in reality. :) I homeschool because I have no viable alternative and my children's souls mean more to me than my own personal satisfaction.