Saturday, February 23, 2013

winter break winding down

This week off from all school has been a real break for all of us, no getting kids out of bed at 6am, no homework, no piano lessons, no Scouts, no basketball, and no homeschool for the little boys. All the children did practice the piano, Will and Charlie served two funerals, and I sewed a great deal. I taught a free-motion machine quilting tutorial at quilt group on Monday night and checked out chicken coops here on Wednesday. I finished the quilt for the school's annual auction and worked on the group's calendar quilt for the town library.   

We had enough snow to sled, but now it is nothing but huge sheets of ice. I have slipped and fallen on my back 3 times this week, including once while taking the vegetable scraps out to the compost pile, it must have been a sight to see eggshells and grapefruit rinds flying through the air. Skiing is out of the question, I attempted it on Thursday, only to find myself careening out of control across the hay fields toward the woods. 

Mostly we have been doing a lot of reading, a lot of hanging out, and recharging our batteries for the last few weeks of winter. I can see the temptation of a tropical vacation, away from ice and snow, but then I would have missed seeing the bald eagle perched in a tree while running yesterday. 


terificreations said...

Yeah for teaching. How did it go? Did you enjoy it?


kat said...

It was interesting, not the best night, very icy and we had to move venues since the Cub Scouts had taken over our meeting space (their Pinewood Derby night had been snowed out and they just showed up the next night). But I think it is something I am interested in pursuing, my quilting is getting better and I think I have something worthwhile to share with others. But having people not know how their own machines work is soooo frustrating.