Sunday, February 17, 2013

Its snowing again

It  has been a week since digging out from a blizzard and we woke up this morning to another snowstorm with lots more expected today. I am tempted to get out Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter to read aloud so the children can get some perspective. 

Last Saturday, our power went out at 6am and the generator kicked on, only to stop working 20 minutes later. Apparently one part was bad and the whole housing was filled with blowing snow and ice, rendering it unable to start or operate. After watching the thermostats register progressively colder temps inside as the day wore on, since the wood boiler requires electricity to circulate the hot water to the radiators, we made reservations at a hotel, but with no way of getting there. Luckily the power was restored by mid afternoon. The winds were whipping the snow sideways and straight up so there were bare patches of ground right next to 5 foot drifts. 

Sunday we went out and attempted to XC ski, but it is almost impossible in 3 feet of snow. 

Tim made us a sled run through the hay fields with the tractor, leaving a large snowpile at the bottom. Maggie and I managed to catch air after a few attempts because we built up such speed. The boys also built elaborate snow caves and tunnels through the drifts. 

We tried to get Tim to sled, but he wimped out, afraid of getting hurt or losing his glasses. I can't blame him, as I went over the hill yesterday morning I flipped completely upside down and landed smack on my back. I'll soon get some of the children out of bed so we can see how another few inches of snow softens the landing. 

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