Monday, February 04, 2013

potluck series run

With plenty of parking and some pretty loops near our home, I hosted the 2nd of the winter Potluck run Sub 5 series this past weekend. 7 of us ran between 7-9 miles in the cold (20F) and then retreated inside for hot soup and salad and many desserts. 

Today I finished up the rest of the chicken and rice soup, a bowl of salad, and the last piece of Dave's blueberry pie (with vanilla ice cream) before running 5 miles. I was so hungry that I just started eating and couldn't stop and then decided to just run despite the full tummy and the bitterly cold weather (10F). I told Will I was training for the Dysart's race this summer, in which you run a 5K with a pit stop in the middle for a slice of pie. The male and female winners who chow down get a $100 gift card to the truck stop restaurant. I wasn't too successful at a similar race in North Carolina, but with enough practice, I'm sure I could win.

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