Friday, February 08, 2013

blizzard prep

I moved to Maine for the natural beauty, the cheap land, and reliable snow, so after a bitterly cold 4 weeks without even a single flake falling, I'm just glad to see some snow covering the brown fields. The big kids didn't even get out of school early today, but Tim volunteered to fetch them so I could do what needed to be done to prepare for the forecasted 12-24 inches of white stuff tonight and tomorrow. So, here is my list: 

Cancelled: the priest coming to dinner tonight, piano lesson for Charlie today, and Mary's birthday Mom and daughter day out.

Stocked: another 3 gallons of milk to bring our total in the fridge to 7 gallons, 1 huge pot of soup, pumpkin bread, chocolate glop, a couple of day's worth of firewood stacked in the furnace room.

Cleaned: the play room and school rooms, and swept the driveway area of the 2" of very light and dry snow that has fallen today.

Now everyone is here and we are able to sit in the warm comfort of our house and eat our simple dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup and watch the snow fall outside the windows.

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