Wednesday, February 09, 2011

so far, so good

Karen, the mother's helper, has been coming to our house for a little over 2 weeks now and it seems to be working quite well. For the last few visits they have read a little, done some puzzles, but mostly made clay beads and flowers out of Maggie's Sculpy. The little boys are thrilled to have someone focus on them and helping them make crafts and I have been able to concentrate on getting Will's schoolwork completed. He is a typical 7th grade boy who would be spending his time gazing out the window or shooting spitballs at the girls if he was in public school. Actually, he does those things here too, which is why I have to glue myself to his side to get him to focus.

I think for next week I will stop by the craft store and pick up some supplies so they can have one easy craft to work on each time Karen comes over. I also need to get some more Sculpy to replace Maggie's supply and for Charlie, since he is determined to make a rosary out of beads he made himself. I'm not quite sure he can count all the way up to 59, but if he wants to attempt it, I'll buy him the clay.

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