Monday, February 21, 2011

blatent hypocracy

Senior U.S. Senate Democrats slammed Republicans on Sunday for a "reckless" threat to shut down the government amid deepening political posturing on both sides over federal spending and the budget deficit.

The House of Representatives voted on Saturday to cut federal spending by $61 billion through September. But the Republican measure will likely die because Democrats who control the Senate oppose it and President Barack Obama vowed to veto it.

So, the American people elected an entirely new House to stop the reckless spending that the Democrats have been inflicting on the country for the past 4 years (5 trillion in overspending- that is more debt than America had in the previous 220 years) and Harry Reid has the audacity to say it is "reckless" to trim the budget.

If the government shuts down then I, along with most Americans will blame the Senate and President for failing to pass the House's bill. Most military families live paycheck to paycheck and many retirees depend on their social security check to pay for utilities and food. I know I was having nightmares last night, worrying what we would do if the government stopped paying its workers and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The pressure needs to be put on the Senate to stop playing games and behave like responsible adults who have other's lives in their hands.


Renee said...

the last time this happened, the military were not impacted ... we continued to get paid

Lauren said...

Goodness. I knew I liked this blog before, but now I love it even more. I live in a very liberal state, and it's impossible to find like-minded parents anywhere. Thanks for writing.