Wednesday, February 23, 2011

carnival of homeschooling

Raising Real Men is hosting this week's carnival. I have guilty for the past 6 months since I received a free copy of their book from Melanie and still haven't blogged about it yet. the reason? Guilt, since I'm apparently not doing such a great job with my boys. Will still gives me grief some days, I still have to nag him incessantly about practicing the piano, and most of the time he doesn't appreciate his parents. On the other hand, Charlie is becoming quite a gentleman, holding the door open, running to help bring in the groceries, and watching after his little sister when they play outside.

Bringing up boys is hard work and imagined while reading that it might be just fine to ship them all off to have Hal and Melanie civilize them, sort of like the English aristocrats did with their little ones, only allowing them back into the big house when they could "sit at table" and exhibit proper manners. So, tell me where the nearest airport is so I can buy their tickets and send them back when they will eat their veggies and wipe their mouths. Yes, I would miss all the lovely things about my boys, all the hugs, all the times Timmy says, "I loooove you Mommy", the funny things they do, the not so funny jokes they try to make up, all the cards and pictures they draw for me...

Oh, never mind, I think I'll just keep them. Imperfect, but my little men are lovable all the same.    

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