Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wintery weather

Yet again I am so grateful for the purchase I made last year about 2 weeks before the DC Blizzard of '10. Our 40" of snow was easy to shovel off the driveway (I had to do it alone as Tim and the children were sick with the stomach crud) with my brand new, super-duper yellow snow shovel. I only bought the thing to have my purchases qualify for free shipping, but it has been a blessing, not only to our family, but to several of the neighbors here who borrowed it to clear off their own driveways.

It started snowing Christmas night and by the time St. Stephen's feast day was coming to an end we had about 11" of snow on the ground. Tim had to venture out in the Jeep to the storage unit to retrieve the children's snowsuits (who would have thought?) so they could get out and explore. Other than a trip to the grocery, we haven't gone anywhere. Now the roads are are combination of slick ice and dry patches our van is still safely parked in front of the house. I did go running yesterday for the first time in 4 days, but I should have waited until today, worrying I'm going to be hit by a skidding car at the same time trying to avoid ice patches is not much fun, though it did get my heart rate up. The kids did have fun as these pictures can attest.

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