Friday, February 12, 2010

Was I spared?

Tim and Mary and Maggie came down with a particularly nasty stomach bug Tuesday night and were sick in bed all day Wednesday during the blizzard. On Thursday morning it hit Charlie and Will, and then last night Timmy and Julia Ellen were vomiting. I had to change my pajamas as the baby threw up down my front. "Can you please put her in the bath?" I pleaded with sleeping Tim, "I can't go in the hall bathroom naked!" (it looks out onto the street, not that anyone would be standing out there in the snow at midnight, but...)

School has been suspended for at least one child the past few days, but they all seem to have recovered and today most of them are back in their snow gear and sinking up to their waists in the fluffy stuff. I haven't had a twinge so either God deemed it necessary for me to stay well just to nurse everyone else or I have the constitution of an ox. I can say that things go precariously downhill when Mommy gets sick as I recall a day in Italy when I came down with the flu and Tim was TDY in Sicily. When he got home that night it was not a pretty or pleasantly fragrant scene. So, whatever the reason, I am grateful this day for children who can eat more than Rice Krispies, electricity, and at least one healthy parent in the house (and doubly glad it is me).

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Dawn said...

You have a great blog..glad to hear that you are well!