Thursday, February 04, 2010

more snow expected

Yesterday we didn't have co-op due to the weather and this weekend we are expecting another 20" of snow. I think the Father/Daughter dance for American Heritage Girls will be cancelled, putting Mary and Maggie in a funk since they were looking forward wearing the dresses they had picked out. The news yesterday was that the public schools had already used up all their built in snow days and might have to tack days onto the calendar in June. We not only didn't use up a snow day, but Maggie finished another subject for the year. My busy bee has completed her books for science, history, art, handwriting, and now phonics. I'm debating if I should order her some 3rd grade books so she can get a head start for next year.

I guess this is what every winter is like up in Maine so I better get used to putting on little kid's snowpants and boots, wearing boots to Mass, and making sure the kids wear their slippers all day to keep their toes warm. The local populace scoured the dairy shelves yesterday in preparation of the storm so I'm heading back down to the grocery this morning. Here's hoping that Trader Joe's got a fresh delivery so I can get our 6 gallons of milk without having to engage in a fistfight for them. (just kidding, we have plenty of powdered milk just in case)

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