Saturday, February 06, 2010

what a snowstorm this was!

My guess is that about 30" of snow have fallen in the past 24 hours. The first picture was taken yesterday about an hour after it started and the second was taken just before supper today.
I'm so glad we didn't lose electricity like so many folks in DC and Northern Virginia. We made pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies, dried many loads of mittens and snowsuits, and I was able to quilt for several hours. Another thing I was determined to do was clean. Despite the snow coming in the kitchen door every time a child came in and the mess of wet socks, boots, and snowsuits they hung over every available chair, I was scrubbing the bathrooms and vacuuming under the beds. The light seemed brighter today with the snow and I wanted the inside as clean and bright as the outside. There is still plenty to do, but I'm taking a well deserved rest tomorrow and playing in the snow with the kids.


dstb said...

I'd better not let my kids see these photos. They're blaming me for our lack of snow. I bought snow tires for the first time ever!

Yesterday, I looked on one of the NOAA sites and got snowfall amounts for our area of CT for this season. Only 19 inches so far! We probably only have an inch or two on the ground right now. None from the storm you just had.

Enjoy your day in the snow!

MrsMamaHen said...

Wow. That is some serious snow! In our part of NC, we got 5 whole minutes of fat snowflakes on Saturday.