Tuesday, September 28, 2010

baby needs new shoes

Actually, Mary and Charlie need new pants, but don't want to give up their old ones. Charlie's camouflage trousers have split down the crotch and both knees have ripped, even after being patched. Mary's pants have been patched once already and now are threadbare to the point of being able to see her panties through the backside seam. But since they are the "favorite" and most comfortable thing to wear, all I've heard this week is, "Pleeeease fix them! Don't throw them away!!"

The question of the day is, should I sneak them into the trash before we leave Maine in a few days or attempt another repair job?


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

My sister is the same way with pants-- those big, iron-on patches, when applied from the inside, work fairly well.

Natalie said...

you could cut them up and make a little blanket/quilt out of them. The camo and pink would look good together. Or just cut them up and use them as dust rags. Old pants also make great doghouse warmers, but i don't know if you have a dog.

dstb said...

I am in a big clean-out mode right now, so part of me wants to say to trash them, but if the kids love them, they will be growing out of them soon enough.

Then I also remembered you can sew! How about taking a leg and making a bolster pillow or something they can put on their bed? (I know, more work.)