Friday, September 03, 2010

hurricane, it's a comin

One of my favorite children's books is One Morning in Maine which shows children the powerful forces of nature that affect the coast. From the morning fog and shifting of the tide to a hurricane that knocks down trees we can only prepare and wait. Luckily in this modern age we can prepare for category 4 storms that 100 years ago would have killed swimmers, boaters, and fishermen. Now we simply batten down the hatches, stay away from the rocks along the shore, and stock up on supplies in case of power failure.

I've been through my share of big hurricanes (no cat 5s thank goodness) from having to sleep on the hallway floor during Gloria, attempting to get back to my dorm during Hugo, and losing electricity for 3 days (with 3 little children) during Isabel. We are expecting nasty winds all day Saturday so I've stocked up on gasoline for the generator (for the well pump, it would be scary to be without a supply of water) and today we will hit the commissary for milk (we typically go through 8 gallons a week) and the library. I don't expect us to be affected much, but I am praying for those who are getting pounded by the wind and heavy surf.

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