Sunday, September 12, 2010

a published author

Tim is our resident writer, he has had articles in several Catholic magazines such as New Oxford Review, Angelus, and several Catholic medical publications. But, after taking a writing course, I submitted (and had accepted) an article I wrote to Cricket children's magazine group. Then I heard nothing, for TWO years! This past week I received a letter in my inbox saying that they were sorry it had taken so long, asking me to proofread the edited piece and expect a contract within the next few weeks.

Only a month ago I got another email from an on-line friend asking for a short bio and address because an old blog post, detailing our decision to homeschool was to be published in a new book entitled Stories for the Homeschool Heart. While I am not expecting fame and fortune, book signings at the local mall, or people asking for my autograph, it is nice to think that all my scribbling have contributed to something that people want to read.


Maia said...

Congratulations! Very exciting!

Michelle said...

Good for you, Kat!

Did you make the pumpkin pie yet? I used to microwave huge chunks to cook it...or huge chunks in the oven works too. If you don't have time to drain it, then use less water/liquid (I've not made pie from scratch, but my bread recipe calls for 2/3 c water - with canned pumpkin...and I use 1/3 c water when using fresh pumpkin).