Friday, March 19, 2010

real life rush hour game

Lately my life has turned into one giant logic puzzle. Saturday is a good example: Maggie had a birthday party from 12-3, Mary had piano makeup lesson at 1:45, Will's at 2:30 and Will volunteered to help the Cub Scout pack set up and judge their Pinewood Derby beginning at 12. All these activities were in opposite directions and at least 30 minutes drive apart. Add to the challenge a still nursing baby and that one vehicle only holds 3 people (and the brakes stick in wet weather). I felt like someone was holding a timer and a camera on me the whole day and my antics were going to be broadcast on some weird reality show. We had similar logistical headaches on Monday and Thursday, and tonight is planning on being another doozy. Maggie has ballet from 6-7pm and Mary has an American Heritage Girls dinner from 6:30-8, which should be fine except the place is 45 minutes away. I'm hoping we can squeeze in supper sometime in all this running around on back roads to avoid the famously snarled Washington, DC traffic.

Only another few months of events that require a social secretary to sort out and then we will be in Maine where the only decision that has to be made most days is, "Shall I walk around the fields first thing in the morning or work on the path through the woods?" Images of lazy days of swimming in the bay, hiking on untrampled paths at the state park, and arranging huge bouquets of child-picked wildflowers are sustaining me through the hectic and frantic state I now find myself in.

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