Saturday, August 11, 2007

wild blueberry season

Today we drove up to the farm to check on the painfully slow progress on our garage/apartment. After discovering that nothing has been done since the concrete was poured Monday I let the kids shovel and climb on the fill before piling everyone in the car for the long drive back to town. I can only sit and look around at all the brush that needs to be cleared, the fields that need to be mowed again for so long before I start to get frustrated.

You see, I make lists and actually check off each item within a few days. I also expect promptness from others, including the older kids, whom I have threatened with leaving behind if they don't get in the car NOW. But I can't get any of my work done on the farm because of baby Timmy. He can't be left while I mow, he can't even be left alone if I try to saw and hack down the brush. The bugs swarm to his face and arms leaving him a little pockmarked baby. My job is to brush away the bugs, the builder's job is to build- and he doesn't seem to be doing it.

But... maybe his real life tends to be like mine. I went to bed last night with the intention of getting up early and doing chores and writing a post. The baby woke up twice with a fever, needing to be nursed and I didn't wake until 7am. I sat down after the little ones were fed, hoping to at least write a post, forgetting the chores. Then I smelled that someone was poopy and needed to be changed. It was Timmy and after his 1/2 quart of blueberries for supper he really needed a bath, wipes just wouldn't cut it, blueberries leave a grainy residue behind.

Expect some light blogging in the next few weeks during wild blueberry season. I'm going to have to supervise multiple baths each day. Hopefully, the builder will get some work done on the garage and I will get some chores done, I just have to be patient with myself and everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps your builder ate too many blueberries too! Did you check the outhouse?!

Reading your summer has been so delightful!

God Bless,