Thursday, August 09, 2007

summer nights

Yesterday evening the children were bathed and fed early so we could go downtown for a library presentation with Farmer Minor and his famous potbelly pig Daisy. This is the most spoiled pig in the world who sleeps between the farmer and his wife each night, rides around in a stroller, and is scrubbed behind the ears with Johnson's No More Tears shampoo during her daily shower with Farmer Minor. After everyone had hugged and kissed Daisy we headed back in the direction of the car.

I didn't want to go straight home on such a pretty evening, so we walked past the van and headed down the hill to the ice cream parlor. Will and Mary headed straight for the high stools at the back counter where they all say quietly licking their cones and helping Charlie clean up the errant drips. I sat at a nearby table with my scoop of coconut and periodically sharing with Timmy.

"Excuse me," I turned as I heard an older gentleman say, "you have such a beautiful family. It is so nice to see such well behaved children. Please let my wife and I pay for your ice cream." I didn't really know what to do, so I just said, "thank you, that is so sweet." We chatted for a few minutes and found that they have 5 grown children, 3 boys and 2 girls as well. While we are perfectly capable of paying for our own treats, it was a pleasant surprise and was the perfect ending to a lovely outing.

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scmom said...

How nice! There are some days when you realize you're doing something right. If only they were less few and less far in between! Good for you mama!